Check out the exciting 44th ILA Convention Program! For more information about each presentation, click on the title. All presentations are hybrid except the titles written in RED, which are only on-site.
All times indicated are according to German time (CET). Click on the time converter to find out what time that corresponds to in your location.

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12:00 – 14:00h:

Board Meeting 

15:30 – 17:30h:

Traditional German “Kaffee und Kuchen”
Enjoy delicious German cake and coffee while networking with other convention participants. The Registration will open, so come and pick up your convention materials.


Free Time
Enjoy an evening on the town with new and old ILA friends.

8:00 – 9:00h:

 Registration and Coffee.

9:00 – 9:15h:

Raquel Ark (listening ALCHEMY, Germany)

9:15 –  10:00h:

Dr. Margarete Imhof (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany)

10:00 – 10:30h:


10:30 – 11:30h:


Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara, PhD, FAMI, CPM, FAMEC (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Eva Göksel (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

11:30 – 11:45h:


11:45 – 12:30h:


Bach-Lien Ngo (Jean Monnet University, St.-Etienne, France), Lori Joubert (UW Medicine, US)

Marva Shand-McIntosh (District of Columbia Public Schools, US)

12:30 – 13:45h:

Lunch (On your own. Restaurant recommendations will follow.)

13:45 – 14:00h:

Plenary Discovering Listening
Raquel Ark (listening ALCHEMY, Germany)

14:00 – 14:45h:

Theresa Caldwell (Integration Solutions, US)

14:45 – 15:15h:


15:15 – 16:15h:


Sharon Browning (Founder), Donna Duffey, Fred Magondu, John A. Moore, Patricia A. Way (JUST listening, US)

Dr. Jarrett Bourne (University of the Cumberlands, US) Jane Adshead-Grant (The Listening Coach, UK), Marva Shand-McIntosh (District of Columbia Public Schools, US), Colin Smith (The Listener, UK), Laura Janusik (Listening To Change, US)

16:15 – 16:30h:


16:30 – 17:30h:


Dr. Monique Jiménez-Herrera (St. Edward’s University, US) and Dr. Teri Lynn Varner (St. Edward’s University, US)

Dr. Lisa Athearn (University of Florida, US) and Dr. Emily Rine Butler (University of Florida, US)

Michael Gingerich (Co-Founder & Co-CEO), Tom Kaden (Co-Founder & Co-CEO), Angie Dickinson (CLO), Elizabeth Armistead (COO) (Someone To Tell It To, US)

17:35 – 17:50h:

Closing Day 1


Walking Tours through the beautiful Mainz (1 hour)

Dinner on your own. See you tomorrow!

8:30 – 9:00h:


9:00 – 9:45h:


Dr.Shalini Chakranarayan (English Language Institute, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Margarete Imhof (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany) and Dr. Richard Halley (Emeritus Professor, US)

9:45 – 10:15h:


Room 1 Papers

Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa (Tampere University, Finland)

Anu Viljanmaa (Tampere University, Finland)

Room 2 TEDx-Like Talks

Michael Z Murphy (Retired Educator, US)

Scott Robinson (University of Hawai’i, Manoa, US)

10:15 – 10:45h:


10:45 – 11:45h:


Julie Lynch (The College of St Benedict/Saint John's University, US)

Sheila C. Bentley (Bentley Consulting, US) and Dr. Margarete Imhof (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany)

D. Jarrett Bourne (University of the Cumberlands, US), Dr. Teri Lynn Varner (St. Edward’s University, US), Eva Göksel (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Michael Z. Murphy (Retired Educator, US)

11:45 – 13:15h:

Lunch (On your own. Restaurant recommendations will follow.)

13:15 – 14:00h:


Lori Joubert (UW Medicine, US) and Jennifer Grau (President, Grau Interpersonal Communication, US)

Tieshka Smith and Kathryn Pannepacker (Independent Artists, Philadelphia, US)

14:00 – 14:15h:


 14:15 – 15:30h:

Inga Thao My Bui (Environmental Activist, Slam poet, Germany)

15:30 – 16:15h:

Terry Dawson (Poet, Retired Minister and Adjunct Faculty, USA), Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson ( multiple-award winning first Black poet of San Antonio, Texas, USA), Cindy Huyser (multiple award winning LGBTQ poet and editor, facilitator of “Book Woman” poetry readings, USA), Usha Akella (multiple award international winning Indian diaspora poet editor of Matwalla now residing in USA), Joe Morales (Grammy Plaque winning woodwind artist and educator currently on the faculty of the Austin New School of Music, USA), Liam Wilson (recent graduate of the University of Colorado School of Communication and Media Studies whose acrylic pour paintings have appeared in a number of literary journals, USA)

16:15 – 16:30h:

Plenary Closing


Meeting Point for Vineyard

18:30 – 23:00h:

GALA Celebration at the vineyard of Eva Vollmer. Check here to get an impression.

8:00 – 9:00h:


9:00 – 10:00h:


Doris Leibold (Life Coach, Germany) and Julian Burton (Director of Delta7, Germany)

Dr. Victor Pierau (Connessence, Netherlands)

10:00 – 10:30h:


10:30 – 11:00h:

ILA Teams World Café (on-site)

11:00 –  12:00h:


Dr. Teri Lynn Varner (St. Edward’s University, US), Lori Joubert (UW Medical, US), Raquel Ark (listening ALCHEMY, Germany), Theresa Caldwell (Integration Solutions, US), Marva Shand-McIntosh (District of Columbia Public Schools, US)

Dr. Annie Rappeport (University of Maryland, US)

12:00 – 12:15h:


12:15 – 13:15h:


Room 1

Francine White (LaGuardia Community College, US)

Helen Meldrum (Bentley University, US), Mary Hardy, MD (Wellness Works, US)

Dr. Teri Lynn Varner (St. Edward’s University, US), Dr. Laura Janusik (Professor Emeritus at Rockhurst University, US), Dr. Mary P. Lahman (Professor Emerita at Manchester University, US), and Dr. Ashleigh Shields, (Northeastern University, US)

María Consuelo Valbuena Martínez, (University Francisco de Vitoria, Spain), Yolanda Cerezo López (University Francisco de Vitoria, Spain)

Room 2

Alexandra Perl (Stullengold, Germany)

13:15 – 14:00h:

Plenary Closing Ceremony with Gavel Exchange. 

14:00 – 16:00h:

Board Meeting and Lunch